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Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a pillar of strength, knowledge, and inspiration for technology in central Iowa.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage our community to continue learning and growing by providing excellent services and programs.

From the Beginning

Ben Hayes - Owner/Founder

I was raised in Stanhope and went to school at South Hamilton. After high school I joined the Navy as an Information Systems Technician (IT). I served 5 honorable years and went to college after my enlistment.


After completing my Computer Science Degree and several IT certifications, I set out to start my own business. My business was located in Houston and acted as the IT department for several companies. 

Several person things came about that initiated a move back to my hometown. This began the next chapter in central Iowa. I dissolved my company in Texas and headed back to Iowa.

Spark Zone was created initially to teach programming to kids. Over time, Spark Zone transformed into helping the community with their computer issues. 

Spark Zone now helps businesses and individuals with their computer issues while also maintaining its computer training roots for kids and adults. 

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